The Treasure

Jacob has found something incredible in his grandparent`s barn!

It`s something every child dreams of finding: a treasure map! Jacob is so excited that he can`t wait to uncover the secret. What will he find? Money, gold, diamonds, dinosaur bones? Or something even better? Join Jacob on this amazing adventure around his grandparent`s farm. What he discovers might surprise you, but you`ll have to read to the end to find out.

Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, this book will expand children`s sense of wonder and imagination.

I Want to Be a Sprinkler

A wonderfully illustrated and engaging picture book that will have children up and moving joyfully around. It will stimulate your child`s imagination and inspire them to dream. Strong use of alliteration will foster their command and love of the English language. Read it aloud, and watch your children become creatively engaged. Also great for ESL/EFL learners as it promotes total physical response and repetition. A great book for adults to share with their children, and teachers to share with their students.

The True Story of the Gingerbread Man

A fresh, new adaptation of the classic fairy tale. Told from the point of view of the Gingerbread Man, it will captivate children and adults alike. An emotionally evocative story with fabulous, folkloric illustrations that will capture the hearts of readers and listeners around the world. The ending will leave you with a renewed love of storytelling and faith in the goodness of humanity.